Admissions Packet Management System

A labor-saving solution for non-clinical Admissions paperwork

The Admissions process can spawn a staggering amount of paperwork—and busy work, entering resident information and other data over and over across many forms, most required by state or federal regulations. The Admissions Packet Management System (APMS) helps alleviate the rote aspects of the non-clinical Admissions documentation process.

The APMS leverages one of the world's best data formats for providing consistency, quality and security: Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). It uses a template which can be customized online by authorized users at any facility. These customizations cover room rates, co-pay amounts, smoking policy— a wide assortment of more than 100 settings that differ from facility to facility. Then, the template and the customized settings file (what Adobe calls a Form Definition File, or FDF document) are downloaded to your facility.

When the Admissions Packet template (often a lengthy document of 150 pages or more) is opened to begin the

How it works

Admissions documentation process, it is automatically populated with this customized facility information. A one-page worksheet is used to gather Resident-specific information (name, room number, primary physician, Medicare or Medicaid account numbers, etc.), then this data is similarly replicated as necessary throughout the entire document, saving hours of data entry time.

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