Admissions Packet Management System

Is it time to streamline your Admissions documentation process?

The process of receiving a new resident into a rehabilitation or long term care facility is a critical touchpoint for the resident, their family members, and the facility. As the second most heavily regulated industry in the USA (behind nuclear reactors), LTC healthcare providers are constantly under the gun to ensure their Admissions practices are up to date despite the volume of documents and legal affidavits they are required to include.

The pressure to comply with state and federal regulations leads to a barely manageable Admissions protocol. Documents in the Admissions packet are often a disorganized collection of too-often-photocopied pages and out-of-date forms. The result is a process residents and families find intimidating. The risk to facility management and stakeholders is an unacceptable liability.

The Admissions Packet Management System is a comprehensive, manageable solution to the non-clinical portion of the Admissions challenge—one that reduces time, cost, and compliance risk for the facility.

The essential requirement during Admissions is completeness; ExceLTC™ provides expert-level, comprehensive documentation compliance. Our state-of-the-practice understanding of rules and regulations is echoed in our Admissions Packet template, providing both rigidity (so important components aren't omitted) and flexibility (so different facilities under one management company can customize their packet).

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A secure, controlled solution
The Admissions Packet Management System is a thorough, coherent, compliant approach to document handling during admissions, providing security for sensitive information and tight regulation over required forms—while still offering flexibility.
Designed for busy Admissions personnel
Making sure the Admissions process is correctly documented is a vital task for Directors of Admissions and their staffs. Ever-changing regulations and facility-specific policies and procedures make the document-handling task a major chore. The Admissions Packet Management System changes that.
Top-tier customer support
In the heat of battle, when time is of the essence and there is just no room for last-minute problems, ExceLTC™ delivers the technical support its clients demand. During the Admissions Packet preparation process, Customer Support stands ready to provide help before simple problems escalate into crises.