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Long term care facilities are under more pressure to perform today than ever. From small, privately held operations to large conglomerates with dozens of facilities in multiple states, the challenges of attracting residents, providing consistent quality care, mustering for inspections, dealing with turnover, and managing admissions paperwork are formidable.

If you're an administrator at a rehabilitation or long term care facility, then you should know that ExceLTC™ lives "in your space". We are focused on providing intelligent, cost-effective solutions to the challenges you face regularly.

With 12 years of development experience spanning a range of technologies, we know how to deliver. Right now we're targeting the next major developments on the Web, including mobile platforms and video with HTML5. The Web is not only the communications revolution of the last 20 years, it's as familiar and essential to us as the driveways and roadways that carry us to work every day.

If your long term care facility is looking for an edge in a competitive market, reach out to ExceLTC™. Tap our development skills, market knowledge, and social media savvy. Let us help you build and keep your competitive edge. We live for the challenge of identifying business problems we can solve in unique and cost-effective ways.

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A Proven Solutions Provider
For more than a decade, ExceLTC's parent company, Black Pike Software Services LLC, has provided unique solutions to business problems for clients in healthcare and hospitality. Our solutions help differentiate our clients from their competitors.
Affordable Web Hosting—with Email
The solutions we provide demand the best in hosting, both in terms of bandwidth and reliability. We have a long-term (12-year) relationship with one of the world's top-tier hosting providers. We leverage the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the Cloud, and can comfortably accommodate Web hosting and email.
Top-tier customer support
In the heat of battle, when time is of the essence and there is just no room for last-minute problems, ExceLTC™ delivers the technical support its clients demand. During the Admissions Packet preparation process, Customer Support stands ready to provide help before simple problems escalate into crises.